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海聯五金有限公司 Hoi Luen Hardware Co., Ltd.


Hoi Luen Hardware Company Limited ("Hoi Luen") is a wholesaler of hardware. It is one of the most largest suppliers in Hong Kong of accessories for oil, steam and gas lines, cooling and heating system, water piping, air-conditioning and heating appliances. Some of our products include flange, butt weld fitting, coupling, joint, valve, pipe, pipe fitting, pressure gauge and thermometer. Most of our products are directly imported or manufactured by ourselves. With its long history of wholesaling and retailing expertise, the company has supplied hardware to different projects of property development, civil engineering, infrastructure and property servicing. Its diverse customers range from different departments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, to MTR Corporation, to some of the most leading Construction Companies and contractors, to oil companies and to dockyard companies. Our experienced team provides comprehensive service to our clients and customer from Macau and Hong Kong,


Hoi Luen was established in 1982, opening its first retail store in Mongkok. As business grew, it relocated to its current location on Dundas Street in January 2007. With a self-owned warehouse in Tsing Yi, its wide-range inventory and delivery service has made it an ideal hardware supplier for many companies. With 40 years of dedicated service and experience, Hoi Luen has built a solid reputation for its standard of excellence.

Hoi Luen, in 2017, proudly established its new O2O program to more than 200 countries through its worldwide delivery program to more than 200 countries through its worldwide delivery service. Hoi Luen is now open to the world, delivering from our fulfilment centre in Hong Kong.

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